I wanted you today.
I wanted you to come up behind me and put your hand on my hip as the other reached around the front of me and gently held my face.
I wanted you to turn my ear to your lips so you could tell me all the deliciously naughty things that you wanted to do to me, and me to you, in return. 
I wanted you to kiss my neck… my cheek… my lips. 
I wanted you to pull me back against you as you hugged my chest and played with my nipples. 
I wanted to feel you hard against my ass, aching and dripping to enter my waiting hole. 
I wanted to hear and feel your breath catch as I held my own when you filled me so completely. 
I wanted you to take me to a place where only you have been able to take me… higher, deeper, stronger than anyone has taken me there before you. 
I wanted you to detonate me, as you, yourself exploded and filled me with your liquid shrapnel. 
I wanted you to take me to paradise, and leave me there for eternity.
I wanted you today…
I needed you today.


Adam said...

I almost came in my pants Nick. This way I like your lyric. Hope to read more of this.

Paul said...

hot words indeed

Evangeline said...

got me all excited. Bad boy. I need a man now.

becca said...

wow amazing. powerful, sensual, exciting, and yep just WOW. it's beautiful and brilliant as well.

queer heaven said...

Damn!! My underwear got wet with this one.

Westernstock said...

Wonderful sensuality in the words. Beautiful.

Jason Shaw said...

Damn, so good, so powerful and evocative. Thanks. xx


STRONG SENSUAL WRITING! That guy looks as if he is really enjoying it!