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I am the summer
growing hotter
and hotter
with every passing day
You are the storm
coming in
full of force
and life
breaking this heatwave
inside me
rain on me
and cool my body
before I erupt
in flames
of longing


Ray's Cowboy said...

Nick, I bet you are HOT. I would not midn a go at you in any season.


becca said...

loved this

badgirl33 said...

excellent, as usual Nick

Philipp said...

This is seriously one of the hottest blogs around. I love your writing and the photos that you post. And i miss you like crazy my Nick ♥

Nick said...

thanks guys, glad you liked

Jason Shaw said...

Great words, great picture. I am impressed, as so often the case when I visit here.


Another great post, my friend! Well our Winter is on the way here in Sydney. Today it is wet and cold! Great guy and great poem once more!