dark, rainy nights like this one cut me like an unscrupulous surgeon, each dreaded drop another ragged incision made with a rusted blade, disecting and infecting me.

my world grows smaller in the rain; regrets condense; loneliness intensfies, and i’ve no choice but to watch my demons richochet off the walls that masquerade as shelter but only serve to shut me in.

unless, of course, i close my eyes.

will you be there if i do?



If you want me, I am always here for you! Don't fear the rain, let it cleanse you and refresh you.

Evangeline said...

I just love rainy nights

becca said...

i totally get this i feel this way somedays rain or shine and those regrets can sufficate you if your not careful. I've come close to giving in to the darkness that swallows me some days. thank you. hugs