he longed to see him there again
in the soft kiss of the morning’s light
gently wallowing in daytime slumber
dreaming of things they’ve done
or will do
from the symphonic ballet of tender trysts
to the pounding rhythms of savage penetrations
he loved to watch his thick flesh rise and twitch
hear quiet sounds from his throat
and watch his teeth unconsciously bare
in dreamed aggression or purring grins
soon his lithe fingers or supple lips
would stealthily approach his waking erection
and embrace it with a sunlit kissing caress
and let that kiss morph into a sumptuous feast
that nothing could stop until he was wide awake
and growling his thunderous pleasure
every day that began that way
was honey-dipped perfection


Paul said...

Absolutely amazing poetry. I love your metaphors. I love... wow...
All of me love this piece. Some bits of me loved it... quite a lot!
Thanks, again, Nick.

Nick said...

thank you so very much! I love this piece too and it is always so gratifying to know it touched someone else the way it made me feel to write it. Many thanks to you and to all your happy bits ;p

Adam said...

I would love to kiss him awake


Agree completely with Paul! You have a great talent in matching words to pictures! Will we see a book one day soon?

Nick said...

haven't thought about it yet Patrick...

becca said...

amazing you left me speechless this is beautifully written. thank you .