i want to inhale you
          and feel the fiery energy
               pulsing through my veins
         i crave you
             i crave you like an addict
                crumbling from withdrawal
         give me a fix
                a fix of your body
      and as you take control of me
                  take control of my body
            i will bend to your every desire
         be my drug
                  my cocaine of love
                      as you ravage me
               and leave me
        forever craving
              and craving
            you again


Paul said...

I am loving these short snapshots. Your writing is like sex; sometimes you want a nice long coupling and other times you just want a nice, hard, quick fuck to satisfy your cravings. And satisfy you do.

Adam said...

I hate the smell of cigarette smoke but I must admit it has something erotic

Adam said...

cocaine of love..I like this


Adam! Me too! 'cocaine of love' - pure poetry.

Can't stand even the smell of tobacco smoke.

Evangeline said...

I am speechless..well almost. Wonderful words Nicky

becca said...

brilliant you weave a mater piece with your words

DeepBlue said...

Ich danke dir so sehr!

You blog is a genuine experience.
There's some kind of a gentle pace,
a peaceful mood, each images carefully chosen to carry up the words.