Dear Boss

Unfortunately I am unable to come into the office today due to some extenuating circumstances.

There is sun peeking in my window, I got dressed for jeans day, logged into Facebook, and well, that’s about as far as I am getting today.

Keep the peace, I might be back tomorrow, but as of right now, I don’t really feel like moving from this spot!


Adam said...

if I'd tell this my boss I could stay at home for the rest of the year (and beyond) LOL

Westernstock said...

Nice inviting jeans crotch!

Evangeline said...

hehe you better don't do this Nick

queer heaven said...

I was almost tempted to copy this and send it to my boss this morning!
...But like Adam, I am sure my bos would say the same thing.

DeepBlue said...

I'm his boss and I reply: "Let me come to your place, my boy, and we'll spent the day together"! ;)

becca said...

that is a great email

OrlandoGuy said...

Don't pay too much attention to people who make negative comments about your poetry. Some of them are envious of your efforts.
Oh, I love your blog.
Thanks for sharing.

OrlandoGuy said...

I like your blog; very nice.
Don't listen to the people who knock your poetry. The might simply be envious of your work.
Be good to yourself.