Miskien is liefde net 'n fantasie
Dis nie alles maanskyn en rose nie
Jy was vir 'n rukkie aan my sy
Was jy net 'n bietjie
Net 'n bietjie lief vir my


Nick said...


Maybe love is like a phantasy
It's not all roses
You were by my side for a while
You were just a little
Just a little nice to me

Adam said...

haha thank God u translated ;)

Paul said...

I wanna pick his rose ;)


Hot, hairy young man! And rose is nice too!

Panthera Pundit said...

Hey, Hey, an Afrikaans quotation - so great to see Afrikaans from another part of the world! :)

Nick said...

Ek is Suid-Afrikaanse Panthera ;)

Evangeline said...

every girl loves roses

becca said...

gorgeous and so sweet to pick a rose for me