Button on my belly,
You’re nice to have around.

You have a tiny mouth,
But you don’t make a sound.

When we have our birthday,
I’m sure I’ll make you smile.

I bought a diamond stud,
To show we have some style.

I love you more each year;
You’re a very special part.

You’ve worn my wet diapers,
You helped me get my start.

You’ve seen life’s seasons,
You have felt every roll.

You’ve jiggled through so much.
You’ve made my journey whole.

Pucker up sweet dimple,
You’ll always be with me.

We’re an awesome duo,
We’ll go down in history.

[author unknown]


DeepBlue said...

That your french teacher, Nick? ;P
Have a great week!

queer heaven said...

Nicky... Hope your week is just great!

Paul said...

I wanna make his belly button sticky ;)

Ray's Cowboy said...

Have a great Monday with that HUNK.


Evangeline said...

DB, Nick's french teacher is very sexy (seen him on FB) so it could be him indeed. Haha sorry Nick, I am such a bad blabberbox :P

thegayte-keeper said...

Can I lick?

Jason Shaw said...

Thats soooo lovely. So is he. have a great week my sexy young man.


Trust all goes well for you. I really need to revise my French.

RafaDe said...

I love pushing buttons...and there are quite a few mighty nice looking ones on this delicacy of manly worship.


becca said...

have a wonderful week sweetie..hugs


I left a man for you on my blog yesterday!