Don't forget to check out Deep Blue and  David  and Ray and Peter for more dog treats! Sorry if I forgot someone.
Today's post will be dedicated to the founding father of this thrilling serie.
Just A Jeep Guy.

oops....me and sisters kitty


DeepBlue said...

Aaww! so cute! And we're going to forgive you for the last one... the boy is adorable (and so is the kikittykat)
Have a pawfect day
*nose licks*

Ray's Cowboy said...

4th one I almost did not see th e dog there. 5th one, ever dog hates a bath.. love to go outside and play in the water but hates baths. 7th is Sadie Mae and I . She thinks she is a small dog and gets in my lap every chance she can. I love Sir Ian. Now that is wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing with us today.

Do you have any dogs. May we have pictures of you and your pets? Can you make them like number 4 as well when you take pictures?


Nick said...

No I don't have any pets Ray, just no time to take care for them properly. My sister Annarika has a cat, she slept in my bed each night while i stayed at her place.

Jason said...

All so very cute and lovely. Especially that last one, man, now that really is cute as hell.

queer heaven said...

What a sweet post this mirning.
Hope you are having a geat weekend!

Peter said...

Nick, it's great you're joining us.

have a PAWFECT weekend!

Ralph said...

Thanks for a very beautiful posting. Love the dogs, puppies, men, and the kitty!!!

CoreyJo said...

Wonderful photos. My favorites are the last two. Of course the one with you would be a fav. But the the one above you. I love how he's holding him like a kid would a stuff toy. Precious.

Great Job Nick. Hope your weekend is full of fun & laughter.



Great post! Trust you are having a great weekend! Hugs.