For Adam

wkrótce wyzdrowieje blondie!
You promised to visit me in December, so you better get your ass moving again soon ;) 

we will go surfing

and go for some drinks

watch the african wildlife
oops wrong pic...

and just have a jolly good time :)

I'd even let you play with my feet


Ray's Cowboy said...

Nick is that you in number 4 picture. OMG WOOF on that body.


CoreyJo said...

IDK Ray, but those are his feet. ;)

Wonderful post Sugar. He's gonna love it. Especially your toesies.

♥ CJ

queer heaven said...

Nicky.. ths post will for sure get Adam going!

becca said...

cute feet Nick and Adam is going to love this not to mention he will have a speedy recovery just for the chance to play with your toes :)

DeepBlue said...

Aaw! sweet post!

Adam has got a lot pf people praying for him!

Hugs to y'all

Paul said...

what happened to him??

Paul said...

oh sorry I just read David's blog post. I am so sorry this happened to him. I so hope he will be back soon, I miss his witty and cheeky posts evry day.

badgirl33 said...

please send him my best wishes for his recovery Nick.


Trust he is getting better and will be well enough to join you.

Jason Shaw said...

Super post, that will spur him on with the recovery for sure, especially number four.

Those feet are rather nice.

Many hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick. I have to thank you very much for the pic of you on the beach baring it all. "PERFECT"
From what I've seen on your blog so far I can say I will return for more viewing.