I wanna be - your hot tub - when you're dippin'
I wanna be - your bathrobe - when you're drippin'
I wanna be - your cocktail baby - when you're sippin'
I just wanna be right there - more than anything I swear
I wanna be - your underwear


Ray's Cowboy said...

Damn boy you are making my cock harder than ever. HOT picture here.


PS you can drape yourself all over me anytime.

Adam said...

I would suck him right thru his underwear

Ralph said...

'I wanna be - your underwear'... Hot... I love it!!!

Jase said...

Come and tub me.

becca said...

great set of poems today i loved them all and the pictures were nice as well

RafaDe said...


I'll make you a deal.

I'll be the cock
and you be the tail
Into your center
Together we'll sail!

Open your ass
With hammer'n nail
Fill you right up
With everything male!

Sorry, but you deserve better than my messy skid marks...no unders for YOU!


Steve Sampson said...

You are a true artist. You always leave me breathless.