Taste forbidden fruit
the sweetest sin of all
oh, so hard they come
and so hard they fall
Sleep with snakes and you become
a victim of the dark
for the mistress of the devil
loves to break a heart



Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest!

Evangeline said...

ooh I wanna eat something else than this strawberry...

Ray's Cowboy said...

To taste your forbiden fruit would let Satan break me heart. Once you have the best you never go back. I would love to taste the sting of your serpant.


queer heaven said...

I've had my forbidden fruit this morning...Nicky, hope you have some French Fruit today!

CoreyJo said...

Mmmmm I bet his forbidden fruit is as tasty as that strawberry ;) ♥

RafaDe said...


Last I heard it was the apple, ripened with a worm's frothy taint, that was man's forbidden fruit...and the cherry'd ass man's sweet desire.

But, in reality, any fruit worth his charms is pure, sweet succulence bursting with effervescent glow as it drips to overflowing from my bee stung lips.


Jason Shaw said...

looks like we both got some fruit today!!!! hugs.