Watch me close, wait and see
I'm lookin' for perfection
I make up my own mind
And I'll leave you far behind
When the goin' gets tough
You can kiss my ass


CoreyJo said...

I'd kiss your ass Nick, and anything else you want!! ;)

DeepBlue said...

Don't listen to her Nick... she a bad girl! A bad, bad girl!


Great image! Your words fit in so well! Yes! I'd kiss your arse if you wanted me to.

Nick said...

yes she is Jon, that why we love her so much ;)

Paul said...

bite it hard

CoreyJo said...

*pouts* Thank you Baby. At least somebody around here apperciates my talents.

*bats eyelashes* I think I need a hug now. Hug me Baby?

*sticks tongue out at Jon-Jon when Nick isn't looking*

*giggles*→Hia Jon! ;)

Nick said...

u can do better things with your tongue for sure CJ baby *pinches your bum*

DeepBlue said...

*rolls eyes*

OK, FINE! Do whatever you want but don't ever say I didn't tell ya!



CoreyJo said...

Oh if you only knew Nicky baby. Lets just say the Ladies love me... ;)