You might look in my eyes

And see all the pain

And sadness deep inside

Don't look in my eyes

That's where I keep the tears I can't hide

If you've just gone, it'll be alright

I know I'll get through the night

And I even smile

As we say our goodbyes

Just don't look in my eyes


the island guy said...

I love the intensity that I see in their eyes. Makes me wish that a guy would look at me that way.


"The eyes are the windows of the soul"!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Nick I would love to look into your eyes and see everything. AS Lord Patrick states, "eyes are the gateway to the soul" And I would not mind staring into them for hours.


Jason Shaw said...

Eyes, soul and hiding the pain inside, a story of a love, a life and a world. xxx

DeepBlue said...

Beautifuly intense! Words and image!