he was taken by the erected feat before him

he could will his cock to stand at the full length and girth

with barely a touch

‘oh lord’ he thought

‘I could have him hard with just a whisper

and how amazing would it be with a touch, a suck

and perhaps he could stay like that for an endless all day fuck… oh god’

and with that a fire lit inside his hardening cock

that would never go out


Ray's Cowboy said...

Amen to both of these. Picture and poem.


CoreyJo said...

wow! what a thought...

Beautiful words paired with an equally beautiful photo ♥

Queer Heaven said...

OH Nicky! this one is sooooo good!
I hope you are having a good day today!

Ralph said...

Great picture, hot poem! Thanks.

becca said...

wow what an imagine you just created brilliant



Yes! Indeed! Great poem and photo!

mistress maddie said...

Always nice to see a little peek a boo!!!! Hope your week is going nice Nick!!!