I mesmerize
I hypnotize
I got you wanting more then you could ever need
You gotta rubber
Wanna be my lover
Baby boy
I´m all you´ll ever need
How many licks does it take to get to the center of your lollypop


Ray's Cowboy said...

Love to lick your lolly pop, Nick.
maybe get to the creamy center??


Queer Heaven said...

That is totally hot Nicky! I hope you get your lolly pop this weekend.

becca said...

not sure but i'm willing to find out "lick, lick"

have a wonderfully beautiful day darling..hugs

CoreyJo said...

Ah Ha! I see you ended up with the lollie anyways Nicolas! LOL

I prefer Suckers with the creamy centers, got any those handy I could have?

Have a wonderful weekend sugar ♥

Jason Shaw said...

Love lollypops

SpiritMountainGuy said...

A lot of imagination...something we need more of in this world... - V

Ralph said...

Thanks for this picture. Hot! Love the picture and the verse...