Maybe we could learn to like the same things, maybe
Discover the joy that togetherness brings, baby
We could share our records, we could see the same plays
Even plan our vacations for the very same days
We’ll put our lives in phase, living in a happiness haze
Well it may not be easy, but then nothing else was
Ask a mountain climber why he does what he does
He’ll tell you just because, I need to find a new way
Hey now we’ve got a mountain of our own to rise above
We’re gonna find a new way to love


Queer Heaven said...

Hey Nicky ! Hope you are having a great sexy day!


Great photo! So hot!

DeepBlue said...

I wonder what they're doing......

mistress maddie said...

What is going on back there????

becca said...

stopping by to give hugs and kisses