i needed so badly to write about you today, scribbling fragmented thoughts on post-its and drive through napkins; committing some to memory; losing others to the distractions of monday. it seems i’m always trying to capture your essence, as if i were the child and you the butterfly, bright and beautiful and beckoning yet just out of reach.
and now as the day slows and my mind clears and i struggle to piece together these fragments into something cohesive, i find myself frustrated at how utterly inadequate i am as a writer, when all i really mean to say is that i am captivated by you and that i love you. i love you beyond words.


becca said...

this one is very powerful loved it.

DeepBlue said...

God! It's hard to work with such a state of mind! ;-)
Ich wünsche dir schöne Ferien, mein Bester.