i want to write
the story of our love
in the book
that is our life
and i’m going to call it pi
because it’s a story
that goes on for


Adam said...

Could you remove this book for a moment please?

badgirl33 said...

aaww two cuddly toys on the sofa...now which to choose??


Yes, remove the book and suck!

DeepBlue said...

Wonderful set again, Nick
I'm so happy you keep Homo Eroticus going. I was afraind that, with PPP, you wouldn't post as much over here. I love both blogs. They each have their own very unique personality. I still wonder though how you manage to post on a daily basis... Do you sleep somtimes? ;)
Vielen Danke!

Nick said...

thanks DB. I write in the evenings/nights, or during a flight (I'm a frequent flier) just when ever something pops up in my mind I write it down. I post it on my blog in the mornings mostly.

Ray's Cowboy said...

I would be nice to have a fulllove story that does go on for ever. Nick it it a wonderful thought.

RAD said...

hmmm.. Hot....Makes you wonder and WANT what is under that book!

becca said...

that would be a beautiful book to read