Heart, stop
stop this cruel game you play
where you open yourself up
at the tiniest sign of affection

Heart, stop
stop leading me toward pain
leading me to believe that
those words he says are real

Heart, stop
I can’t take longing any longer
I don’t have the strength
to survive another ache



Adam said...

god mate, you're often so dramatic...hope all is well. U can always get me on icq, but I will send u my phone # so u can call me if needed

Philipp said...

You won't do anything silly no? Let me be there for you Nick, I am sure I can make you forget the other one

DeepBlue said...

Don't we all go through this state of mind sometimes. Maybe often. It can have a healing effect simply to put it into words. Acknowledging our weaknesses can make us stronger!

Nick said...

don't worry guys, just my daily down ;) it helps indeed to write

DeepBlue said...

It is a haunting yet beautiful poem, supported by a disturbing yet such a poignant image.
Thank you Nick for reassuring your friends ;)

becca said...

heartbreaking and yet beautifulling written. i love this one it really spoke to me. thank you and big hugs

Paul said...

mon cher Nick, I hope you feel happier today. My mom is depressive too so I know what it means

Evangeline said...

sorry i wasn't around earlier Nick, hope you feel better today. You know you could call my anytime

Anonymous said...