when it seems i’ve relinquished control of so many things in my life; when i find myself frustrated by day after day of meeting everyone’s needs but my own, i continually find solace in the fact that no one can control the limits placed on my body but me. i can abuse it, i can nurture it, i can starve it, i can feed it, i can remain sedentary and watch it atrophy or i can push it beyond it’s potential and watch it do amazing things.
today i pushed, and my body responded, like it never has before.
today was a day just for me.


DeepBlue said...

You can only have control of your thoughts!
Then will you have control of your body... of your life.
Have a wonderful May Day, Nick.
Spring if officially here now! Yay!

Nick said...

we have 30°C here in Capetown today...yay happy may

becca said...

this is so true loved it